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Saturday May 9, 2020 | 10:30 AM
Farm Field-Trip: Picnic, Play, Pick & Pickle

Join us for fresh spring air, a kiss of sunshine, picking your own veggies and fruits, and a fresh lactoferment pickling demo at the magical 4.5-acre certified organic Cloverfield farm in Richmond where we harvest some of Alembique's fresh plants for medicine-making.

Pick and taste dozens of heirloom varieties of herbs, vegetables and fruits, and take home the freshest organic produce for you and your hungry ones without waiting in line for empty shelves at the supermarket!

We will demo how to pickle the just-picked veggies so you can create delicious probiotic pickles at home. Bring the whole family, especially the kids. Moms may also appreciate this event the day before Mothers day.

We will also go for a walk through the trees and pick some eucalyptus and California bay for our lungs and to festoon our showers and baths. We'll say neigh to two sweet retired therapy horses (Hermoso & Magic) as they munch away at the grass. We will picnic, refresh and return home smarter, stronger and smelling of an urban forest.

Please bring bags, hand-sanitizer, a picnic blanket and edibles (and your own clippers if you have one).
Please bring a credit/debit card if you would like to pick your own to take home.
Alembique participants receive a 10% discount for any pick-your-own produce including the incredibly polyphenolic extra virgin olive oil grown and cold pressed in Marin County by Gerald Belletto with a whopping 600 mg/kg of phenols. On average, extra-virgin olive oils (EVOOs) range between 100-250 mg/kg polyphenols.

The event is free for people 15-and-under if accompanied by an adult, so let your neighbors with kids know. Please email us with names of those you wish to bring with you. Physical distancing protocols apply unless you and your party have been together in the same household since the Covid-19 crisis began.

Instructor: Bee  Cost: $28 by Tues May 5, $32 thereafter.
Friday May 15, 2020 | 3-4:45 PM
Making Luscious Edible Face Creme
In this live-stream video workshop, we will learn to make cremes and lotions using every-day edible seasonal ingredients with zero petro-chemicals. Watch and learn the key to making emulsion and your own infinite variety of creams that can heal, protect, moisturize and nourish every skin cell.
How about turning your fruits, veggies and even the "weeds" you gather during your walks into a healing creme that you can customize based on your skin type and what is readily available in your pantry or garden and at the grocer?
Learn to make luxurious creams using cold-pressed organic oils and butters, herbal tisannes and distillates, fruit juice and essential oils that will rival the most obscenely expensive creme in the world.
Watch, ask questions and practice the art of emulsification to never have to buy another petrochemical product again.
Each participant is emailed the complete recipes so you can practice and perfect your favorite moisturizer. You may also purchase the luscious creme we make together for pick up at the apothecary at 20% off regular price of $40.
Once you enroll, you will be able view the workshop at your convenience via a link even if you can't participate live. 
Join us live to learn, make new friends, have fun and ask questions as we concoct a nourishing creme your face will eat right up!
Instructor: Bee  Cost: $48 by Mon May 11, $55 thereafter.
Sunday 24 May, 2020 | 11 AM
Corona-safe Discofunkadelivery Bikethon for the Unhoused
Git on yer wheels, bring a gift for the unhoused and ride to the funky tunes along the shimmering San Francisco Bay Trail and finish with a bayside picnic in Cesar Chavez Park.
Join us for fresh spring air, sunshine kisses, community action and a music-infused ride along the bay on your wheels, bikes, roller blades, scooters and skateboards. No bike? So long as you got wheels we'll pull you!
We will physically distance well beyond the minimum requirements (masks, sanitizers, extra vigilance) but we will not politically distance ourselves from the most vulnerable: the hundreds of people encamped in Berkeley and beyond.
Please bring a small donation of goods that can fit in your small backpack for the unhoused folks: a couple of clean home-made masks, clean used clothing, a working flashlight, toothpaste, soap, nutritious packaged foods, a four-pack of toilet paper or other useful items for the oft forgotten and severely-impacted.
We will bike to music booming from the Funky Bike Trailer and make our deliveries safely. We end up having a picnic lunch at Cesar Chavez Park and watch the water from a safe distance from each other and the western pocket gophers!
Bring your water, sandwiches, basic first aid, sunblock, sun-hat, sanitizer and face-mask. Dress up like a balaclavad banshee, beekeeper or botanist.  Above all bring your corona sense of humor, an open heart and the fierce desire to boogie on wheels.
You may donate $25 (or more or less based on your finances) to help Alembique Apothecary continue its work. Whatever you donate helps keep us going one more day! Those who donate will get a complimentary ounce of a brand new tea blend with organic nettles, spearmint and calendula. 
If you can't donate to Alembique but wish to join us please RSVP here so we can communicate any updates etc. And do spread the word so we can make this a fun afternoon for all.
Special thanks to radical Oakland street artist Eddie Colla for the image above.
Suggested Donation: $25
Book a Private Visit
Like millions of microbusinesses, Alembique has been impacted by Covid-19 and will continue to be. To successfully adapt to this new world, we are trying new approaches with our community's support.
In eight years, we have heard thousands of folks from here and all around the world express their love of the apothecary's magical little space. The moment you enter your senses are caressed by the complex aromas of hundreds of herbs and spices, the shimmering colors of the glass jars and the dozens of curious objects from another time dancing on the shelves.
In the Before Times, folks of all sorts would come in and browse, lounge on the Golden Chair, laugh, chat and even cry in a surge of emotion. The healing spirit of this 140 year-old space soothes as it has for generations of people. The feeling is as wondrous as it is difficult to describe.
As the lockdown shifts, we are gingerly opening up the apothecary again for a safe enjoyable experience.
Make a 2-day advance appointment for a maximum of three people in the apothecary. We will offer you tea (with sanitary protocols) and give you 30 minutes or more to browse and chat like the olden days except that we will maintain distancing and sanitize hands etc.
We only ask that you make purchases of a minimum of $20/person visiting.
So welcome back and do come in!
Book a Conversation
Book a Conversation
Want to learn more about how plants can help with a specific health issue? Need something special to help mend, heal, restore and nourish you?
Book a private friendly conversation and tell us your story. Relax in your own golden chair (for now), sip from a cup of freshly brewed tea, and share your story. We will share in return how plant medicine and other approaches can help. We may also share what we know about diet, sleep, stress, trauma--even heart-break!
Following our chat, we can create custom teas and cordials, annointing oils, cremes, balms, or lotion-- in fact almost any concoction--exclusively for you and your specific healing path.

Phone and video sessions (as low as $20 for 15 minutes) available 7-days a week from 10 AM-4 PM.
In this challenging time, Alembique Apothecary's primary mission is to meet your most urgent needs for plant healing to the best of our ability.
Rooted in and existing for the community, Alembique is here for you as we navigate and overcome this crisis together with compassion, courage and yes, a touch of humor, even poetry!
To meet our community's critical needs with minimal or zero risk to all, we must limit close contact at the apothecary for the time being.
We recognize that Alembique is a healing intimate space for many of you and we can't wait to soon sip tea with you as you relax on the Golden Chair. For now, we will work more like a take-out apothecary and say hi from a good distance.
With a little patience on your part and a little extra work on our (frankly, my!) part, and based on our limited supplies and modest capacity, we believe we can be of help in the following ways:
  •  Order by Text/Email for Safe & Easy Pick-Up | Please text us at (510) 255-0901 and we will respond as quickly as possible, usually within an hour. We will verify your order, provide a total, and once you approve, we text you when it's ready for pick up.  You may pay online and pick up from the apothecary without having to enter or be near others. On the occasion when it is important that you enter, we will do our utmost to follow the most current WHO and CA Public Health's protocols. We are also religiously using masks, gloves and disinfected work surfaces in preparing blends. Please consider ordering a minimum of $20 of goods. 
  • Quick Questions by Phone/Text |  If you feel that you need something urgently for your health or you have a brief question, please call or text us. We love to help.
  • Phone/Video Consultations | If you need to have a more extended conversation on an health issue or concern, or have a more complex request, please book a phone and video consultation at under Book a Conversation. We strive to communicate live with as many of you online and on the phone as our capacity permits.
What Are We Preparing and Offering | We are focused temporarily on offering products and ingredients that can be considered to be most relevant to maintaining our health in this current crisis. We are making more of the Supertonic Immunitea, Ali Baba Shield Sprays, Immunity Cordials, Lung Love, Tummy Love, Sleeping Angel and Becalm teas, Aloe Baba Hand Spray and Aloe Baba Hand Sanitizer Gel and more. Our Supertonic formula is based on our research on some of the more unusual TCM plants that have some clinical promise for coronovirus immunity and even recovery,including Poria and Shield Fern. Per FDA's warnings, we make zero claims for any of these blends as a Covid-19 cure or remedy.
How Much Do We Have Available |  We plan to offer ingredients and products until we run out.
Please understand we may have to ask you to wait longer for certain products and ingredients. We also may have to limit the purchase of certain items so others can also have access to them.
What If I Can't Pay | If you are experiencing serious financial difficulties at this critical time, we will offer you a discount or a sliding scale fee. Especially during this critical period, we will not turn anyone away or deny them an urgent conversation or herbal concoction if they are unable to pay.
We are a tiny apothecary but we will do what we can for those in financial distress. And we know our community well: those who can pay will so that those who can't pay still receive support. Especially at a time of crisis, we stand together.

PLEASE NOTE |  In line with legal and regulatory requirements, nothing we say or do here should be construed as diagnosing, preventing, treating, or curing disease. We are NOT medical professionals. We will simply share with you what we have learned about plants and the ways they are used in various traditions.
We wish you a safe, loving and tranquil time in the coming weeks.
Remember to love fiercely, reflect deeply, take good care of you and others, laugh a little and carry on🐝
Propitious Potions
Research suggests some clinical promise in key plants that may help with immunity and possibly the mitigation of this corona-virus or SARS-CoV-2.
Beyond familiar western herbs like elderberries and echinacea, Alembique is now making its Supertonic Immunitea and Cordials as well as The Ali Baba Antiviral Spray for the Upper Respiratory with less-familiar plants that include Polygonum cuspidatum, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Isatis indigotica, but also licorice root, chrysanthemum flowers and mullbery leaf, powerful antiviral plants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine with potentially promising results.
We also are making healing hand-sanitizers according to a WHO approved formula but with additional skin healing ingredients and steam distilled essential oils.
We are also making fresh St. Rose Healing Balm and new batch of Rose Immortelle Face Creme.
(510) 255-0901
We will return to regular hours as soon as it is advisable to do so.
A Great Free Read: Herbal Diplomats
Herbal Diplomats: The Contribution of Early American Nurses (1830-1860) to 19th Century Health Care Reform and the Botanical Medical Movement.
Martha Libster, Ph.D.,R.N.
Recipient of the prestigious 2005 Lavinia L. Dock Award for Exemplary Historical Research and Writing. Awarded by the AAHN (American Association for the History of Nursing.)
FREE at Internet Archive
Joan Baez 1963
Don't Let it Bring You Down
Click the garlic flower and let's sing it together!
And thank you for supporting Alembique, your tiny neighborhood apothecary with a big heart.
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